Jacqueline Garcia CEO

Bazaar Models Agency is run by CEO Jacqueline Garcia. Jacqueline, who has had extensive years of booking experience in the modeling industry has established many valuable relationships with clients and associate agencies. She is also very well known for her talent in developing men, women, and children for careers in modeling as a talent agent.

Brian Sutherland

Brian Sutherland is a native el pasoen who has been doing make up for over 17 years. . Thoughout his experience as a performer he learned how to use his creative abiliaties and vision with make up. During his stent with viva el paso and other productions he learned more about the artistry and creativity in stage make up. He continued to practice his skills with make up while performing. After setting his performing aside he applied for an artist position with mac cosmetics , and stayed with in the estee lauder family, also working for origins and aveda for 8 years. Brian sutherland gained much experience during the duration of his stay with mac and the estee lauder family. After breaking away from the estee lauder family he went on to what he calls his "texas tour" living and practicing make up as a freelance artist in amarillo, dallas, houston, and san antonio for over 8 years. During his "texas tour" and upon his return to el paso he has worked with numerous area models, photographers, stage production, fashion shows, and his passion of pageants.

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